By Clark Collis
March 29, 2019 at 05:12 PM EDT

The Highwaymen (2019 movie)

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Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson shared many scenes while playing the Texas Rangers who tracked down Bonnie and Clyde in The Highwaymen — several of which took place in a small vintage car. Given these close quarters, what most got on the actors’ nerves about their respective costar during the shoot?

“Well, he’s pretty big on health,” Costner tells EW, with a laugh. “And he’d always have a big jar of something green to drink, and he was always very quick to offer it to me. I would shake my head like a kid who didn’t want to eat any more vegetables.”

“Yeah, that is true,” says Harrelson. “I think I offered it about 999,000 times. Everything I was eating or drinking or whatever. And 100 percent he said, ‘No.'”

Then again, Costner did have the excuse that he was deliberately playing his character, Frank Hamer, as an older gent.

“I’m willing to play it and when I do, I try to go after it as deeply as I can,” says the actor. “I’ll put weight on and chop my hair, slow down. If I feel like I understand a character and I feel like I can inhabit it, I feel like it’s the right time, then I will take it on.”

The Highwaymen is now available to watch on Netflix. See the trailer for the film above.

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The Highwaymen (2019 movie)

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