Maisie Williams has a rather hilariously candid reaction to the delays surrounding her upcoming X-Men film The New Mutants.

In a Rolling Stone interview with Game of Thrones actresses Williams and Sophie Turner, Williams said of the pending sci-fi film, “Who knows when the f— that’s gonna come out.” She also added, “Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit.”

The actress reportedly confirmed reports the film is supposed to undergo reshoots to “make it scarier,” but it also seems as though the reshoots have yet to actually happen. She added that she recently asked a costar, Charlie Heaton, “What the f— is going on with this movie?” And last month, Williams’ costar Anya Taylor-Joy said, “It’s coming your way at some point.”

New Mutants is about a group of young mutants held in a secret facility who are fighting to save themselves. It’s a horror-based spin-off of Fox’s X-Men franchise. The film was shot in 2017 and was originally supposed to be released in April, 2018. It’s now scheduled for Aug. 2, 2019, but it’s unclear if that’s still happening. Fox being bought by Disney might have hit the brakes a bit.

Williams says she still hopes for an X-Men crossover with her GoT costar and friend Turner, who plays Jean Grey in next month’s Dark Phoenix (saying it would be “ridiculously stupid” to not bring those factions of the X-Men-verse together).

Williams also discussed her role in the final season of Game of Thrones in a new EW interview Monday, you can read that here.

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