By Nick Romano
March 26, 2019 at 09:01 AM EDT

Even James Corden’s parody of Us, Jordan Peele’s latest horror movie, feels just as creepy as it does silly.

The Late Late Show host teamed up with band leader Reggie Watts to put a comedic spin on the Peele’s critically hailed, ticket-selling film.

“It’s us,” Watts says upon meeting their doppelgängers.

“You mean we,” Corden responds. “… It’s a copyright issue, just go with it.”

If it’s horror, Corden will try to parody it. See his takes on It, The Exorcist, A Quiet Place, and Halloween.

Here, as both himself and his sinister double, Corden tries to now emulate Lupita Nyong’o‘s spine-tingling looks in Us, as Watts’ carbon copy runs directly at the camera like that creepy kid in the trailers before falling on his face.

These doppelgängers aren’t trying to kill them, however. They just want to take over The Late Late Show. Nevertheless, it’s still hair-raising.

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