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Troop Beverly Hills

The Wilderness Girls’ comeback kids have reassembled.

Thirty years after their feel-good comedy Troop Beverly Hills premiered in theaters on March 24, 1989, cast members Tori Spelling, Shelley Long, Betty Thomas, Kellie Martin, and more stars reunited for an on-camera interview celebrating the film’s original release.

A preview for the Entertainment Tonight special (set to air Tuesday night) features the cast sharing secrets from the set, reflecting on the film’s production (Thomas reveals she “quit acting” and devoted her attention to directing because of the project), and reciting a memorable tune from the classic movie about a romantically challenge socialite (Long) who attempts to prove her worth to her disgruntled husband by becoming a den mother for a band of unruly girl scouts.

“May I say? I am so proud of these girls and this girl too,” Long says during the interview before hugging Thomas. “I am! You know I am. And that’s really why I did this, because of the girls. They are so wonderful.” And for all the fans out there? “Well, you can be a Beverly Hills girl! One, two, three, four—”

After the cue, the women sing: “We’re the girls from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest skill! We will fight and try real hard, leave behind our credit card! Beverly Hills, what a thrill! Beverly Hills, what a thrill!”

Watch a preview of the Troop Beverly Hills reunion over at ET before it premieres Tuesday in full.

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