Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning acting skills hit stratospheric highs in the first trailer for Noah Hawley’s upcoming psychological drama Lucy in the Sky.

The clip begins with an ominous voiceover countdown that plays over brief shots detailing the life of Lucy Cola (Portman), an astronaut who returns to Earth following a lengthy mission and loses touch with reality as she begins a life-altering affair with another interstellar traveler, Mark (Jon Hamm).

“I go up there and see the whole universe and everything here looks so small,” the Black Swan actress says in the preview, which quickly descends into trippy madness via scenes of her floating through the clouds sans space-traveling gear, submerged upside-down in a tank of water, and seemingly having sex while soaring through the starry universe.

“You got to see the vast celestial everything and it blew your mind,” Hamm observes near the end of the teaser. “So now nothing makes sense.”

Credit: Hilary B Gayle/SMPSP/Fox Searchlight

The clip ends with Portman fleeing from police before appearing in a dark room, in which she assures an off-camera inquisitor that she’s “fine” as tears well in her eyes.

Loosely based on the real-life story of Lisa Nowak — the former astronaut who, after returning from a 13-day space mission, drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando in an attempt to kidnap an ex-lover’s new partner in February 2007 — Lucy in the Sky was directed by Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley. Reese Witherspoon (who originally boarded the film in the lead role under its original title Pale Blue Dot) produced the project alongside longtime Pacific Standard collaborator Bruna Papandrea, Hawley, and The Big Lebowski producer John Cameron.

Lucy in the Sky is expected to be released later this year via Fox Searchlight. Watch the film’s first trailer above.

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