When you break from the trance that is Keira Knightley performing “Despacito” with just her teeth on The Tonight Show, the actress has another factoid to share from her days filming Love Actually.

Turns out there’s a reason why she wore that hat for that scene with Andrew Lincoln where her character, Juliet, watches her wedding video. And it’s not to make a fashion statement.

“I got the biggest zit of my life when we were shooting this scene,” Knightley told host Jimmy Fallon. “And this scene is the important one, isn’t it? It was like another head growing out of my head.”

Knightley, now 33, filmed her “small part” over the course of about “two weeks” when she was 17. It was by such unfortunate circumstances that she got a pimple during her short time on set.

“They went in and they tried to hide it and they tried to light it, and there was nothing they could do, so the hat went on,” she said with a laugh.

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