It’s a bit of a rough week for A Star Is Born. The film didn’t get to take home Best Picture or, indeed, most of the Oscars for which it was nominated (though it did win Best Original Song for “Shallow”). And now, it’s the latest movie to get the Honest Trailer treatment.

The new video from YouTube channel Screen Junkies tackles the blockbuster, taking aim at everything from Bradley Cooper’s mumble-growl character voice to the “uncomfortable amount of face-touching” in the film to its similarities to 2009’s Crazy Heart (which also won a Best Original Song trophy, along with Best Actor for Jeff Bridges). “It’s like a ripoff of a ripoff that’s also a remake of a remake of a remake,” the narrator quips.

Naturally, the video also pokes fun at A Star Is Born‘s soundtrack, rewriting the lyrics to both “Maybe It’s Time” and “Shallow.” The latter begins with “Lady Gaga noises” before becoming a demand from the singer-actress to “give me my Oscar now.” (“Eat it, Yalitza Aparicio!”)

Watch the Honest Trailer above.

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