The Woman is back. And now she’s a director. Pollyanna McIntosh made waves as a captive cannibal in 2011’s cult horror classic The Woman, and since went on to find TV fame on Hap and Leonard (see video above) and playing Jadis/Anne on The Walking Dead.

But now McIntosh is returning to the wild, in more ways than one. McIntosh is not only starring in a sequel to The Woman, called Darlin’, but this time she wrote and directed the film, which will have three screenings at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

Darlin’ picks up 10 years after the events of The Woman, when McIntosh’s titular character escaped with the then-young Darlin’ in tow. Now Darlin’ in is a Catholic home for girls while the Woman resides in an all-female homeless encampment. Naturally, trouble is a-brewin’.

We’ve got the exclusive reveal of the poster for Darlin’ below, and it is just as disturbing as one would hope. McIntosh also talked to EW about what it means to make her feature-film directorial debut, which includes some familiar faces from The Walking Dead.

“Having the opportunity to bring together such a talented cast and crew as a director was a thrill, and I loved every insane minute of making Darlin’,” says McIntosh. “Our lead, Lauryn Canny, is pure lightning, and I can’t wait for people to see her talent as Darlin’. Watching her work with actors I’ve long admired, like Bryan Batt and Nora Jane Noone, was amazing, and a nicer bunch of folks to be in an indie foxhole with I can’t imagine!”

McIntosh also revealed what parts her Walking Dead castmates will be playing in the film. “It was also especially joyful to work with my Walking Dead family Sabrina Gennarino [Tamiel], Thomas Francis Murphy [Brion] and Cooper Andrews [Jerry]. In Darlin’, Sabrina is wholly human as a sex worker who had her child taken into care when she was young and is now finding comfort in her friendships amongst the homeless community. Thomas Francis Murphy plays a brilliant cameo as a regal cardinal covering up the secrets of his church — it was a joy to realize I’d cast my right and left on TWD as that British party favorite ‘tarts and vicars’!

“And then there’s Cooper, who is a revelation as the kindhearted nurse struggling to make sense of his hospital being run by the church and finding deep connection with the feral teen in his care. I think it’ll be a treat for fans of him as Jerry on The Walking Dead to see him just as warm and macho, but as a married gay man longing for a family.”

Get ready to see Jerry and Jadis together on screen. “He and I had some both moving and comedic scenes together as Tony and the Woman, and it was a delight,” says McIntosh. “The man has a lot of heart, and as a multifaceted filmmaker himself, he was a great mascot for the can-do attitude of the set.”

McIntosh is excited to show the film off at SXSW, where her TWD family will be in full effect: “I’m proud of everyone who worked so hard to bring this film to life, and I can’t wait to see it with a large audience for the first time at SXSW. Being in Austin, we’re lucky enough to have many Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead family at the premiere too to support the film.”

Check out the poster for Darlin’ below… if you dare.

Darlin' (2019) movie posterCR: Hood River Entertainment
Credit: Hood River Entertainment

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