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Whenever someone asks me to name my favorite movie, I become super queasy. I know I’m supposed to respond, “Citizen Kane,” or “Godfather II,” but the truth of the matter is that it’s When Harry Met Sally... — a film that brings me endless bliss. I have the same physiological response to the question “What’s your favorite movie ending?”

Casablanca,” I’ll say with all the enthusiasm of someone ordering a fruit plate for dessert. But in truth, it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding. When George (Rupert Everett) reassures Jules (Julia Roberts), “Maybe there won’t be marriage. Maybe there won’t be sex. But by God, there’ll be dancing,” I melt. It’s a resolution that’s unexpected, yet reassuring and heartwarming.

Moreover, the idea that people could find happiness with platonic love was a novel one in 1997. (Remember, this was pre–Will & Grace.) So if you love My Best Friend’s Wedding and romantic comedies as much as I do, this issue is our Valentine’s Day gift to you — one that has been a few years in the making.

Credit: Ruven Afanador for EW

Nothing in pop culture excites me more than learning the behind-the-scenes nuggets of my favorite films: the what-ifs, the alternate endings, and the near casting choices. So we turned our Hollywood’s Greatest Untold Stories franchise loose onto the rom-com genre to answer questions like: Who was supposed to play Blane in Pretty in Pink? And what were the original endings to When Harry Met Sally… and Serendipity?

If you enjoy this issue, please send love to Features Editor Clarissa Cruz, who lovingly assembled it; Senior Editor Brittany Kaplan, who brought together these fabulous cast reunions and viewing parties; Photo Editor Natalie Gialluca, who organized these luscious shoots; and Senior Art Director Faith Stafford, whose design handiwork is on every one of these pages.

Lastly, we were heartbroken and appalled over the vicious attack against Empire star Jussie Smollett, a wonderful human being and a terrifically talented actor and singer. If you are interested in supporting Jussie or learning more about a cause that is dear to him, please join me in contributing to the Black AIDS Institute at, or you can text “JUSSIE” to 41444.

Sincerely, Heck, it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s just say Love,


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