Are This Is Us fans ready for some horror which doesn’t involved a crock pot?

It was announced today that the IFC Midnight film I Trapped The Devil, which stars Chris Sullivan from the NBC drama, will be released in April. Written and directed by debut filmmaker Josh Lobo, the movie costars Jocelin Donahue (The House of the Devil, the upcoming Doctor Sleep), AJ Bowen (You’re Next), Susan Burke (Stan Against Evil), and Scott Poythress (Homeland).

In the film, Bowen and Burke play Matt and Karen, a married couple who show up unannounced at the home of Matt’s estranged brother Steve (Poythress) to celebrate the Christmas holidays, but are greeted with a disturbing surprise. Held hostage in Steve’s basement is a man — though not just any man. Or perhaps not a man at all. Steve believes that he has captured the human manifestation of the Devil himself. As shock and skepticism turn to fear and paranoia, Matt and Karen find themselves caught in a spiral of terror and doubt. Could this mysterious stranger really be evil incarnate? Or is Steve dangerously unhinged?

I Trapped The Devil is released, April 26.

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