Throw a rock in the corridors of Entertainment Weekly and — and, well, you might be reported to HR. But there is also a good chance you would hit a fan of Soapdish. And we're not the only folks who think the 1991 Sally Field-starring comedy is an underrated gem.

"This is a very funny movie filled with terrific performances that somehow gets forgotten when people talk about good comedies," says director John Landis (Coming to America) in the latest video from fellow filmmaker Joe Dante's Trailers From Hell website. "While on the surface it's a satire of television's daytime soap operas, it's really about egos. Actors' egos. Executives' egos. Egos both above and below the line, and above and below the belt. It's really funny. When you have performers like Kevin Kline doing Death of a Salesman in dinner theatre or Robert Downey Jr. as a horny executive and Sally Field in a well-made farce — well, it's a good time!"

Watch the full Trailers From Hell video, above.

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