Carol Danvers is here to kick a— and chew gum… and she’s all out of gum.

Brie Larson, appearing on this week’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote Captain Marvel, dropped the first clip from the highly anticipated superhero movie on social media late Friday night. Let’s just say, there’s a reason Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige dubbed Carol, the part-human and part-Kree comic book warrior, the most powerful character the Marvel movie universe introduced thus far.

The clip shows Samuel L. Jackson’s Agent Fury and Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson (aged down through CGI since Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s) hustling to keep up with Carol. Suited up in her green uniform for Starforce, the Kree’s equivalent of a SEAL Team Six squadron, Carol is facing off against one of those pesky shape-shifting Skrulls, the aliens who have secretly invaded Earth and disguised themselves among humans.

This Skrull may be strong enough to knock Carol off a train roof, but it’ll soon know the true power behind her fisticuffs.

Captain Marvel, co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, marks the first solo female-fronted superhero movie for Disney’s Marvel Studios.

The film tells the story of Carol, an Air Force pilot whose DNA was spliced together with that of the alien Kree race. (Remember Ronan the Accuser from Guardians of the Galaxy who also has a role in Captain Marvel? Yup, that Kree race.) When she crash lands on Earth in the ’90s — before the events of the first Iron Man movie, at a time when Fury still had both eyes — she has little recollection of her human life. But her human life may help in the battle against the Skrulls.

Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law, Lashana Lynch, Lee Pace, Annette Bening, and Djimon Hounsou also star in Captain Marvel, out in theaters March 8.

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