By James Hibberd
February 01, 2019 at 02:39 PM EST
Credit: George Kraychyk/Hulu; Disney/Pixar; Daniel Smith/Disney

Which Big Event Trailers will we get during Super Bowl LIII? Below are all the movies and TV shows that have been confirmed to release new ads on Sunday (at a cost of $5 million for every 30 seconds). And below that: Which rumored trailers are we likely to see. Be sure to stream the Super Bowl through Fubo TV or CBS All Access to catch all the latest trailers.

Toy Story 4: It’s been nine years since we saw Buzz and Woody on the big screen in Toy Story 3. Now a new look at Toy Story 4, arriving June 21, is confirmed to air after the Super Bowl:

The Handmaid’s Tale: Hulu is debuting a season 3 trailer for the acclaimed Emmy-winning series, and has released this very short tease (there’s no premiere date yet, but a summer return seems likely):

Hobbs and Shaw: The Fast and the Furious spin-off coming in August was expected to have a Super Bowl trailer. The result dropped early but is still expected to play during the Big Game (and, wait, so this is basically a superhero franchise now?):

Hanna: Amazon’s new action series also dropped its Super Bowl ad early. Hanna is based on the 2011 movie about a girl being pursued by shadowy government operatives and reunites The Killing stars Joel Kinnaman and Mirelle Enos. But there’s more to come as the whole first episode is being released after the game:

Wonder Park: Paramount’s animated movie coming March 15 about an amusement park is expected to reveal a new trailer Sunday. Here’s a previous teaser trailer:

The above are all confirmed. Now here’s what’s RUMORED.

Marvel/DC: The big spring releases — Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Shazam — all have trailers out already. But perhaps we’ll get newer, bigger, better trailers? We’re hearing that Endgame, at the very least, will definitely have some kind of Super Bowl presence. Here’s the previous Endgame teaser:

Aladdin: EW’s reveal of those first-look photos of the live-action remake created a huge amount of buzz, but some fans were disappointed by the depiction of Will Smith’s non-blue, pre-CGI genie. Perhaps Disney might release some footage soon to turn that around (and with a May 24 release date, the timing is right). A new Dumbo trailer is likewise rumored.

Stranger Things season 3: We haven’t heard anything about a Super Bowl ad for the long-awaited season 3, which is due July 4. But Netflix dropped a surprise trailer during the Super Bowl for season 2, so maybe they’ll do it again? Plus, all those $2 subscription price hikes gotta pay for something… Another possibility: Some post-Bowl counter-programming surprise, like last year’s The Cloverfield Paradox.

Star Wars: Episode IX: The rumor is the Star Wars trailer will be revealed at the annual Celebration event in April — which makes sense as the film won’t be released until Dec. 20. But there’s also been a weaker rumor that Disney might decide to ramp up buzz early during the big game with at least some kind of teaser.

It: Chapter Two, Pet Sematary: Horror movies don’t usually advertise during the Super Bowl, but Stephen King tends to transcend the genre and it sure worked out well for A Quiet Place last year. The timing is perfect for a trailer for the new adaptation of Pet Semetary (which hits theaters in April and just released a short teaser), though it’s probably too soon for It (Sept. 6).

Game of Thrones: Sadly, we’re hearing this ain’t happening. HBO doesn’t normally do Super Bowl ads (last year’s Westworld season 2 trailer was their first in decades) and the network doesn’t need to spend $5 million for 30 seconds to have this trailer break the Internet.

This post has been updated with additional trailer details.

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