Though she was gone from the third movie, Annie Potts' porcelain plaything will soon be back in a big way

Annie Potts’ Bo Peep was conspicuously absent from Toy Story 3, but she’s bound to make a major reappearance in the follow-up. On Monday, Disney released a short teaser for the film in which Bo arrives sporting a new look.

When last we saw these wonderful toys, they had been transferred from now-grown Andy to young Bonnie. Now, Woody wants to teach Bonnie’s craft-project-turned-toy Forky (Tony Hale) about what it means to be a toy. But on a road trip with Bonnie and her family, Woody takes an unexpected detour and finds himself face to face with Bo for the first time in years.

“Bo’s taken control of her own destiny,” Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley said in a statement. “While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo gathered dust until she took it upon herself to head out into the world. And when Woody shows up, they can’t believe that they’ve found each other again.”

Bo is now an adventurorous free spirit who enjoys life on the road. As happy as she and Woody are to see each other again realize, they start to realize that they’ve gained very different philosophies about what it means to be a toy.

Watch the teaser video above. Toy Story 4 is set to hit theaters on June 21, 2019.

Toy Story 4 character posterBo PeepCR: Disney
Credit: Disney

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