By Nick Romano
January 25, 2019 at 09:51 AM EST
  • Movie

Of all the things actors have taken from the sets of their movies, this one felt like a no-brainer for Matthew McConaughey.

The Serenity actor appeared on Watch What Happens Live with his costar Anne Hathaway when he was asked by a caller about his “manscaping” for Magic Mike and if he kept any of the thongs. Need to know information right here.

“Let me answer the second part first because that’s very easy: Absolutely,” he said. “That was my rattlesnake thong, no one else needed to be wearing that thong after me. That was mine.”

As for the first part, he needed some help to define the intricacies of manscaping. He admitted, “there wasn’t much to remove on the chest.” Then, Andy Cohen (being Andy Cohen) remarked, “You seem like a full bush kind of dude.”

“Birthday suits God gave you,” McConaughey said.

Something tells us that the Oscar winner will be fielding Magic Mike questions for his entire life. Maybe it’s the still-growing Magic Mike shared universe, which now includes a Broadway-bound prequel musical.

“I didn’t need as much manscaping as, there were some other men on there that were hairy all over,” McConaughey said. “And there were backs being shaven.”

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