By Derek Lawrence
January 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM EST

Cold Pursuit


For once, Liam Neeson isn’t a natural born killer.

In an exclusive clip from Cold Pursuit, snowplow driver Nels Coxman (Neeson) learns that his son was murdered after stealing cocaine from a drug dealer named Viking. “I’m gonna kill him,” he tells his brother (William Forsthye), a reformed bad guy himself who’s skeptical of Nels being capable of such violence. That is, until Nels reveals that he has already killed three of Viking’s guys, wrapped their bodies in chicken wire, and dumped them where they’d never be found. But how did he think of that? “I read it in a crime novel,” he confesses, much to his brother’s delight.

“He’s a guy totally out of his depth,” Neeson tells EW of his non-Taken-like character. “I like the fact that he’s just a simple, country guy and he found his niche in life, which was to keep this strip of civilization open for man by keeping this road clear. I just found that appealing, that simplicity. And then the horror of horrors happens. To lose a child and find yourself wading through this morass of human activity that you had no idea was happening in this tiny little town of Kehoe, Colorado, with all these drug cartels and all this criminality surrounding the place, surrounding these beautiful hills and mountains.”

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Cold Pursuit, which also stars Laura Dern and Emmy Rossum, opens Feb. 8. Watch an exclusive clip above.

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