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He’s chosen to accept both missions: Christopher McQuarrie will return to write and direct the next two Mission: Impossible sequels after helming both Rogue Nation and Fallout, the latest entries into the franchise.

McQuarrie confirmed the news on Twitter with a message the Impossible Missions Force would approve:

Star Tom Cruise also confirmed his return on Twitter.

McQuarrie will shoot the sequels back-to-back, with the first hitting theaters summer 2021, and the second the summer of 2022, EW confirmed.

In their first pair of missions, McQuarrie and Cruise partnered on several death-defying stunts, with the latest being a high-altitude, low-opening jump that McQuarrie told EW in July he couldn’t believe they pulled off. “It’s very difficult to say what is the quote-unquote biggest,” he said of their increasingly difficult Mission: Impossible stunts. “They’re all complex, they’re all difficult, and they’re all extremely dangerous. All of them require specific training, and every time we did one, we kept saying, ‘This is the stunt.’ And then we’d get another!”

Looks like their next mission will be to top themselves.

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