Reviving the Men in Black movie franchise required a few non-negotiable elements: the blessing from the team behind the original action-comedy flicks, a wardrobe of impressively tailored black suits (bonus points for the perfect pair of sunglasses), a starring duo who could compete with the chemistry of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and of course, some extraterrestrial life.

The latest addition to the franchise, Men in Black: International, has all that. Director F. Gary Gray, who has helmed projects including Straight Outta Compton and The Fate of the Furious, made building on the success of the earlier movies (instead of replacing them) priority No. 1. Sony booked Marvel alums Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to play the two leading agents. And, well, you can judge the sharpness of the aforementioned suits on EW’s latest cover.

But the aliens were another story. First, let’s refresh ourselves on the plot: After Thompson’s Agent M joins forces with Hemsworth’s Agent H, they’re tasked with investigating the murder of an emissary from an alien government and the mole who threatens everything the agency works to protect. In other words, there are a lot of baddies this time around — and viewers can expect a few fan-favorite evil aliens to return. (“Don’t be surprised if you see the Worm Aliens make a brief appearance,” producer Walter F. Parkes told EW’s Leah Greenblatt in her cover story.)

There will also be aliens brand-new to the franchise, most of whom are being kept top-secret. Like, for example, the “alien sidekick” named Pawny, voiced by Kumail Nanjiani, or the three-armed Riza, played by a partially-CGI Rebecca Ferguson. And while we can’t spill all the beans on these characters, we do have an up-close-and-personal look at a few of the extraterrestrial sidekicks in Men in Black: International.

Credit: Giles Keyte/Sony

The first tip for alien-spotting in the new movie: Whenever an extraterrestrial dons a full suit and tie, it means they’re indeed an MIB agent.

MIB Aliens. MIB Publicity Shoot."
Credit: Giles Keyte/Sony

The agents you see here are essentially alien extras. And as for the ETs who aren’t given their own tailored wardrobe? According to an MIB:I team member who has been sworn to secrecy, even MIB agents need supporting staff and someone to deliver the mail. See the rest of the movie’s cast (of the Earthly variety) here.

1233076 - Men In Black Untitled
Credit: Giles Keyte/Sony

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