The film's star, Elsie Fisher, was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actress

Eighth Grade

In Eighth Grade, the critically-acclaimed comedy from writer-director Bo Burnham, the protagonist, Kayla (Elsie Fisher), makes YouTube videos for an audience of almost nobody. In writing those scripts but also in creating the entire film, Burnham was inspired by the bevy of actual content that exists freely on the web, videos of teenagers and younger putting themselves out there for the world to see with complete candidness. “What influenced this movie were the videos and movies being made by young people. I just thought, this is so raw and honest, and this is real kids documenting themselves—they just have no sense of dramatic structure, I can provide that for them.”

Although the film’s R-rating means teens under 17 can’t see it without parent permission, Eighth Grade is a representation of a junior high experience that feels remarkably honest and true to life. But Burnham had doubts while making a movie about a thirteen-year-old that it would appeal to an audience beyond himself. “I didn’t know if anyone would want to take her seriously, and people do, which is great.”

In addition to Elsie Fisher’s recent Golden Globe nomination, Eighth Grade was on former President Barack Obama’s list of favorite films of 2018.

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Eighth Grade
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