We look to the trailer for answers to this mystery.

By Derek Lawrence
January 08, 2019 at 11:36 AM EST
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If you’re like me and you spent your holidays at the movies, then you were probably inundated with the trailer for A Dog’s Way Home. If you’re also like me and you were emotionally scarred by Marley & Me,then you were probably worried that this film could end in a similarly devastating way. So to ensure that we don’t have to go through that again in the theater (clearly we are all going), EW’s latest investigation is to see if we can figure out if this dog gets a happy ending and does indeed make it the long way home. To be honest, I can’t imagine we will find anything conclusive considering our only evidence is the trailer and I’m sure they wouldn’t give away the ending there. But still, let the investigation begin.

0:10 The dog can talk. That’s a good sign for when it comes to needing directions.

0:22 Cheese is her life. Hopefully she can survive without cheese because that’s no guarantee out in the streets. Unless she is in Wisconsin. I cannot confirm if this movie is set in Wisconsin.

0:28 Bella hasn’t always lived with her current owner so she’s no stranger to foreign territory.

0:35 Ashley Judd is her human grandma, which by law means that she gets both double jeopardy and divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood. Those can only help.

0:53 She and her owner do everything together. I don’t like to hear that since they might be too reliant on each other.

0:58 Wait, Bryce Dallas Howard is voicing the dog? Unclear if this will make a difference in the long way home.

1:02 Bella knows how to “play doctor,” meaning she can stitch herself up if necessary, which fugitive movies have taught is a very likely scenario when on the run.

1:17 She misses her owner when he’s not around, so there’s plenty of motivation to get home.

1:20 Took her long enough to not be home.

1:29 Some hikers realize she needs help. That’s a solid first step.

1:34 Bella realizes that she’s far from home. Not as ideal, but the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is a problem!

1:45 I just got the title.

1:53 Being surrounded by wolves seems like a problem. I’m officially worried.

1:57 A big cat saves the day. Thank you, big cat, for at least temporarily saving Bella from wolves and us from crying.

2:03 Bella declares that she’s never going to stop searching. You’ve got to love her moxie!

2:13 Uh oh, an avalanche. Again, not ideal.

2:22 Oh, I guess she found her way home. “It can’t be” is both what Bella’s owner said upon spotting her and what I said when he spotted her. Well, another ruff case closed. Stay tuned for next year’s investigation about Cats.

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