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Moviegoers are thirsting after both the hero and villain of DC’s Aquaman, prompting such online reactions like this unexpected BuzzFeed article. But Jason Momoa wasn’t exactly feeling the love while he prepped for all those shirtless scenes.

Patrick Wilson, playing another thirst trap as antagonist King Orm, stopped by Couch Surfing to look over his time making the blockbuster with his Conjuring director James Wan. According to him, Momoa wasn’t too jazzed about his meal plan.

“Our lunches were very funny because he was cutting down to trim out ’cause so much of his stuff is shirtless, so he was very angry about not being able to eat,” Wilson said. “And then me and Yaya [Abdul-Mateen II], who plays Black Manta, we were all bulking up.”

It makes sense, though: you want to get a body like Aquaman’s, you gotta eat salmon and tuna poke.

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In Aquaman, when Momoa’s Arthur Curry, the legitimate successor to the throne of Atlantis, is warned by Princess Mera (Amber Heard) of Orm’s plan to wage war against the surface world, he embarks on a journey to retrieve the lost trident of King Atlan, a powerful relic capable of commanding the Seven Seas.

Wilson needed those calories, given all the stunt work he had to do for the film. The actor revealed the big VFX-heavy colosseum fight sequence between Orm and Arthur in Atlantis took months to actually shoot.

“We trained for it, we’d start it, we’d film it,” he said. “Jason would have to go away, I’d shoot with his double. He’d come back, I’d be shooting something else, he’d shoot with my double. We’d have to shoot again, and it kept going on for months and months and months.”

Aquaman is now playing in theaters — and doing quite well for itself.

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