By Joey Nolfi
December 28, 2018 at 01:05 PM EST

Even if you didn’t sit through most of Sandra Bullock’s creepy Netflix movie Bird Box with your eyes closed, you probably still missed Nev Schulman’s brief appearance in the Susanne Bier-directed thriller.

But the Catfish creator-star guided fans to the moment he and wife Laura Perlongo show up in the film on Friday, revealing that the couple posed for one of artist Lily Morris’ original creations that plays a small part at the top of the movie.

“We actually know the artist (@lilyjmorris) who did the paintings for #BirdBox and posed for her,” Schulman wrote, referencing the piece that Bullock’s Malorie — a pregnant artist — works on in her apartment as her sister Jessica (Sarah Paulson) checks in on her just before a menacing band of mysterious creatures sends humanity to the brink of extinction.

Schulman previously teased his involvement in the project Thursday, writing in an Instagram post that “#BirdBox ⁠was scary and all, but the creepiest part is how much the couple in Sandra Bullock’s painting looks like me and Laura.”

Morris, a painter who studied in Boston and is now based in New York City, also documented her creation of the painting in the film on social media, sharing an Instagram series that chronicled the piece from initial sketch to completion. In a separate post, she indicated she was “ballistically enthusiastic” about seeing the finished product next to Bullock and Paulson in the film.

Bird Box is streaming now on Netflix.

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