Jason Momoa’s kids got the chance spend some time under water (kinda!) in the upcoming Aquaman movie.

While Momoa gears (fins?) up to play Aquamn in the upcoming superhero flick, there was one bone he had to pick with director James Wan: Would his kids have a cameo in the movie or not?

After some confusion where it seemed the short appearances his kids had shot were cut from the movie, Momoa told them to take it up with the director. “My daughter rolled up like, ‘You cut us out of the movie?'” To which Wan responded: “No, no, no, no, no you’re back in the movie!” Smart man not to mess with Aquaman. While the actor’s glad their cameo was reinstated, he doesn’t necessarily want his offspring to follow in his footsteps career wise. “They were really excited to be in it,” he says. “I was like, ‘Don’t be so excited to be in a movie…you’re not allowed to act.'”

Now that the movie’s a family affair, Momoa plans to wait and see it with his kids. “We’re going to watch it together,” he tells EW. “They haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to watch it at the premiere with them.” Amber Heard, who stars alongside Momoa as the Queen of Atlantis and eventual wife of Aquaman, loved seeing his children on set, sharing a story of how they dared her to eat the spiciest of foods when they realized she had a high tolerance for it. “She’s from Texas,” says Momoa by ways of explanation. “My kids would just dump every hot thing in it and she would eat it.” Adds Heard, “It’s a cool challenge.” Or a not-so-cool challenge perhaps?

Watch the video above. Aquaman swims into theaters Dec. 21.

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