Fans seem quick to foresee doom for Captain America.

Maybe it’s because Steve Rogers is the most melancholy of the Marvel heroes: quick to sacrifice himself, lost for decades in ice, revived in a world where everyone he knows and loves is gone (or has become a brainwashed assassin).

When a trailer for Avengers: Infinity War showed the Chris Evans character grappling in hand-to-gauntlet combat against the galactic death-dealer Thanos, moviegoers were certain he would be among the lives lost in that film.

When he survived to fight another day, people read this tweet from Evans as a sure sign that, this time, Cap was done for good.

It did have an aura of finality, but now the directors of the upcoming Infinity War sequel (the title of which has yet to be revealed) have told Associated Press reporter Marcela Isaza that, in the words of a Gershwin song Rogers may have enjoyed back in the day, it ain’t necessarily so.

“I think it was more emotional for him than us,” Joe Russo told the AP. “Only because he’s not done yet. And I don’t want explain what that means but the audience will soon understand what I’m talking about.”

Not done yet. Okay. There’s a glimmer of optimism amid the swirling storm of ash that was once Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Joe Russo also went on to say that the May 3 film, which he helmed with sibling Anthony Russo and is still being edited, currently stands as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s longest picture.

“We’re about halfway through the editorial process and it’s standing about three hours right now. It’s a very complicated movie,” he said. “It has a lot of characters in it and you know we are putting in the work, so we’ll see where it ends up, but it definitely has a lot of story in it.”

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