Watch out This Is Us, because according to John Krasinski, the NBC drama is about to have some competition in the crying department.

Last month at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, EW chatted with the Jack Ryan star about his favorite performances by his wife Emily Blunt, and already making the list was the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns, which he got an early, tear-filled sneak peek of.

“Twenty-five minutes into the screening, which was just Emily and I, I stood up and walked to the back of the room, which of course immediately communicates nothing but love to your partner that you’re walking out of the room,” shared Krasinski. “And she said, ‘Oh my god, you’ve never done that before, do you want me to stop the movie?’ And I was just in the back at the concessions table and I just said, ‘No, I’m looking for napkins,’ because I just needed anything to stop crying and to blow my nose because I had blown through an entire box of tissues in 25 minutes.”

He jokingly added, “So this movie is sponsored by Kleenex is what you’ve learned from this.”

To hear more from Krasinski, including why he knew the role was a “no-brainer” for Blunt, watch the video above. Mary Poppins Returns heads to theaters on Dec. 19.

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