It’s tough work being a superhero. You constantly have to be in shape. You’re always needed by someone. People are, like, trying to kill you and stuff. But the true challenge lies in the most obvious: What happens when you have to go to the bathroom?

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard are suiting up as Aquaman and Mera, respectively, in the new ocean-centric action flick this December, and they sat down with EW to dish about what exactly goes into said suiting-up. For Heard, the process primarily involves being “vacuum sealed” into her costume, which can best be described as a scaly second skin.

“It’s a whole other level of functional art,” she said. “They’re so intricate. You have to move in it, you have to breathe in it, you have to live in it.”

For Momoa’s part, his costume presented obstacles of the opposite variety: Taking it all off, especially when nature calls.

“It looks like it’s easy to pee in that,” he said, pointing to his armored costume. “But really it’s not. And if you have the poopsies, it is very challenging. You’ve gotta be really good at holding it.”

Watch the full video above to see what else the movie’s stars have to say about their superhero suits, and also to find out why, exactly, Jason Momoa calls it “poopsies.”

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