By Seija Rankin
November 19, 2018 at 04:24 PM EST

Getting cast in a superhero movie can be the role of a lifetime, but the job also comes with considerable pressures and a very real threat of typecasting — just ask Chris Evans. So when the team at Warner Bros. (and DC Comics) went to Amber Heard about taking on the role of Mera (first in Justice League and then in Aquaman), she hesitated big time.

“I felt really, why did they ask me to do that?” the actress tells EW. “It seemed really archetypal and kind of limited. I didn’t really like the idea of the idea.”

Heard admits that she didn’t know much about the character — who is, in short, the Queen of Atlantis and eventual wife of Aquaman — so she decided to read some of the comic books. The edition she picked up told of Mera telling a group of townspeople “I’m not Aqua-woman, I have a name,” and that changed everything for Heard.

Watch the video above to hear more about Heard’s first impression of filming the movies, and to find out exactly how well she and costar Jason Momoa get along.

Aquaman opens Dec. 21.

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