Fighting With My Family (2019 Movie)

Considering his beef with his Fast & Furious family, Dwayne Johnson proves to be the perfect mentor for a film called Fighting with My Family.

Johnson is among the highlights in the first trailer for the wrestling film from The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant, who writes, directs, and acts in the project.

Based on a true story, Fighting follows a British family of wrestling fanatics, composed of Ricky (Nick Frost), Julia (Lena Headey), Paige (Florence Pugh), and Zak (Jack Lowden). The children eventually get the chance to try out for the WWE, where they audition for Hutch Morgan (Vince Vaughn) and seek advice from Johnson, playing himself.

“What are your names again?” the wrestler-turned-movie star asks Paige and Zak before launching into his signature wrestling persona. “It doesn’t matter what your names are. You walk around here, interrupting The Rock. You like you haven’t seen the sun in 20 years, you like you just stepped out of Oliver Twist. ‘Please sir, may I have some more advice sir?’ You want some advice, here’s The Rock’s advice, shut your mouth.”

The journey to superstardom proves tough for the siblings, who must deal with rejection, nerves, and Vin Diesel jokes. The trailer ends with Paige trying to impress her dad by having Johnson call him, but Ricky isn’t buying that he’s talking to the Fast & Furious star. “Yeah, and I’m Vin Diesel, mate,” Ricky replies.

Fighting with My Family wrestles into theaters on Feb. 22. Watch the trailer above.

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Fighting With My Family (2019 Movie)
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