By Dana Schwartz
November 07, 2018 at 02:12 PM EST

Somewhere up in Netflix HQ, they punched the numbers and predicted that I would be spending the entire period between Thanksgiving and Christmas watching exclusively The Great British Bake-Off and A Christmas Prince in frankly embarrassing numbers. Thus, The Princess Switch was born, the movie scientifically engineered to be my — and your — new Christmas guilty pleasure.

Vanessa Hudgens plays Stacy De Novo, an American baker invited to participate in a baking competition in the (fictional) European nation of Belgravia. (Quick royalty-Christmas movie refresher: the fictional country in A Christmas Prince was Aldonia. Maybe they’re just rolling through the alphabet? And in case it sounds familiar, Belgravia is, in fact, just a fancy neighborhood in London.) Lo and behold, she bumps into Duchess Margaret who — twist — happens to look exactly like her.

Hating the spotlight and wanting a chance to be a normal girl, Margaret persuades Stacy to swap lives. All it takes is a haircut and a British accent and now Stacy is horseback riding (well, trying, anyway) and royal-balling with Margaret’s fiancé, the country’s handsome prince. Hopefully she also finds some excuse to utter the Lindsay Lohan-British accent classic: “You want to know the real difference between you and me? I have class and you don’t.”

It’s already clear the movie, which is available to stream starting Nov. 16, is going to hit all of the big Christmas movie moments. From the trailer alone we get, 1) a wish for romance; 2) a fancy ball in a new dress; 3) a snowball fight; and 4) a gazebo.

No word yet on when we’re getting a full season of The Great Belgravian Bake-Off.

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