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November 05, 2018 at 08:56 AM EST
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Jdkj fse kl kjef je j!

What’s that, you ask? Apologies! In Sunnyvale-speak, the legendary phrase translates to: “Tyra Banks unveiled the first full scene from Life-Size 2 over the weekend, and it features the return of Secretary Eve and her iconically mistyped gibberish from a fan-favorite scene in the first film.”

The new clip (above) sees Banks’ Eve, a Barbie-like toy come to life via a magic spell, frantically phoning her plastic sisters who still reside in the fictional doll hamlet of Sunnyvale.

“Marathon Toys is going to discontinue the Eve doll!” Eve tells her sisters of the impending disaster mounted by Grace (Francia Raisa) — the 25-year-old wild child CEO of the company that manufactured the line of dolls — whom Eve helps through a quarter-life crisis in the TV-movie sequel.

“If Eve is discontinued, all of the Eve dolls will no longer exist,” says the Eve on the other line (who wears the signature pink-cardigan-and-jeans look from the original movie). “You just need to make sure Grace understands what an important part the Eve doll plays in the lives of children everywhere. And if you do not reverse that spell, you cannot come back home to Sunnyvale. Ever.”

When the call ends, Secretary Eve approaches her companion: “Here are you notes from your call with Eve, Eve!” she says, handing the other Eve a document with comical nonsense written on the page.

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Producer-star Banks previously told EW the sequel would feature the return of an “iconic outfit” and familiar characters from the 18-year-old original, while Raisa noted Eve’s sensibilities were still “stuck in 2000” for comedic effect.

“There’s a little bit of a bait-and-switch where you think Eve is one thing and she turns out to be something else, so fans of the original will go, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Banks teased of the plot. “Things are new and she’s still excited about seeing things for the first time…. My other executive producer on this, Stephanie Allain, made a grid for me for the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie of how human Eve is in each scene. So, as the movie progresses, Eve becomes less doll-like and more human, so you’ll see a bit more of that evolution than you did in the first movie.”

Life-Size 2 premieres Dec. 2 as part of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. Watch the new scene above.

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