By Nick Romano
November 02, 2018 at 01:00 PM EDT

The Front Runner

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Can we just replace the usual award season campaigns with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman launching spoof attack ads at each other?

In the spirit of The Front Runner, in which Jackman plays 1988 presidential campaign frontrunner Gary Hart as he’s swept up in a scandal, Reynolds decided to post a fake hit ad against his longtime X-Men buddy to dissuade “some people” from giving him awards this Golden Globes and Oscars season.

“Hugh Jackman’s upcoming performance in The Front Runner fooled some people into thinking he deserves an award. But before voting begins, some people should consider these facts,” Reynolds says.

Jackman’s real name, as the ad frames it, is really Hugh Michael Jackman and not the Hugh Jackman we’ve all come to know. Then Reynolds hits him with some fake news: “Hugh Michael speaks with a charming accent, but he’s actually from Milwaukee,” he said, continuing a joke he made on Twitter. (See below.)

In what is presumed to be a reference to Bryan Singer’s troubles with Bohemian Rhapsody, Reynolds also claims Jackman “walked off the job on Wolverine, adding to unemployment.”

“Is this type of amazing actor and nice person we want delivering a preachy liberal speech this awards season?” Reynolds asked. “Or maybe there’s a real foreigner from a border country who would really love it… a lot.” That “real foreigner” would be Canada’s own Reynolds.

Your move, Jackman.

UPDATE: Jackman threw the ball back in Reynolds’ court by taking the “HIGH ROAD,” which means the Logan star shared a video of him picking up dog poop off a photo of Reynolds’ Deadpool.

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