John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are making some noise about the planned sequel to their sci-fi hit A Quiet Place.

The married acting duo speculated about potential story lines for the upcoming film — which revolves around a couple navigating their children through a post-apocalyptic world overrun by ravenous aliens with supersonic hearing — during an interview at the 2018 SCAD Savannah Film Festival, during which they discussed ways in which the Abbott family could forge into the future.

“In some ways, the idea of seeing who these people were before this all happened would be interesting, but I’m not quite sure because I think actually it’s now what’s the next chapter and what happens next,” Blunt, who plays the Abbott matriarch, tells EW of the still-gestating project. “I think people feel very invested in this family…. I think it’s such an open book right now, and certainly for John who is lasering into something as we speak.”

Krasinski, who co-wrote and directed the $188 million box office smash (and potential Oscar contender), said he initially “didn’t want anything to do with the sequel” because he thought the original “explored something really special and unique.” He continued, adding that a “very small idea” led him down a rabbit hole of creative inspiration.

“This is a world you can play in, this isn’t just a character to remake…. it’s actually a world, which is a whole different, very unique experience,” he explained. “It’s not like Alien or Jaws where the main villain is the thing you’re repeating; it’s an actual entire set of rules and the circumstance that the world has undergone that you can play in very different facets.”

Millicent Simmonds, who plays the eldest Abbott child in the film, said she has three ideas for where the film’s plot could venture in another installment.

“One would be looking into the past. Like, how did the aliens come about?” she said, noting that the other involves a different family “working on the same problems” as the Abbotts’. “The third idea would be the future: You know, what is the world like after, once the kids are older? Or what happens to the aliens or how do we improve or solve that problem?”

Fans will finally find out which story Krasinski settled on when the sequel to A Quiet Place hits theaters on May 15, 2020. Watch the pair (and Simmonds) discuss the movie above.

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