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October 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Dust off your spellbooks and button up your razzle-dazzle raincoats, because EW has the exclusive reveal of the teaser trailer for Life-Size 2.

The 15-second preview opens on a mysterious mansion in the dead of night, where two young ladies snip the hair from an Eve doll, light a few candles, and flip through the Book of the Dead (which fans will recognize from the first film as the collection of incantations Lindsay Lohan’s character Casey Stuart steals from a local shop in an attempt to revive her dead mother).

“Zomba, tarka, ishtu, nebarim,” the girls repeat as the Eve doll stares back from the center of the seance. The Book of the Dead begins to glow, which can only mean one thing: Eve’s back, in the flesh, shining brighter and farther than ever before.

“It’s me, Eve! And I’m your special friend,” producer-star Tyra Banks says near the end of the clip after Eve assumes her humanly form once again.

The film, landing 18 years after the 2000 original, follows a 25-year-old CEO named Grace (grown-ish star Francia Raisa) who navigates a quarter-life crisis under the guidance of Eve.

Credit: Guy D'Alema/Freeform

“I connected a lot with Grace because she’s going through a lot of the pain I went through in my 20s, and it was so relatable,” Raisa previously told EW. “The essence of the movie is to have this guardian looking over you, this best friend who helps you find yourself…. Grace was lost, just like [Lindsay’s character] was in the first one, and she’s found because she’s introduced to a new type of love she didn’t know she had within herself, or that people could have towards her. It has the essence of the first one, but it just grows up with everyone else.”

Though Lohan won’t appear as a leading cast member in Life-Size 2 due to production conflicts with her upcoming MTV reality show, Banks has said “something beautiful” happens with her character in the new project.

For now, however, “Eve’s here to show [Grace] you can be that boss bitch,” Banks added, noting that Eve “becomes less doll-like, more human” over the course of the movie. “I play her differently now. There are a little bit more layers and much more comedy. There’s something I find a bit more endearing with this Eve than the first one…. I think a part of it is approaching it from a producer’s perspective…. I feel like I’m stronger because it’s [more fulfilling] to make something better than to do it from scratch.”

Life-Size 2 premieres Dec. 2 as part of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. Watch EW’s exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming sequel above.

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