This summer’s Incredibles 2 certainly had its hands full dealing with all the repercussions of the first film, what with superheroes suddenly unleashed in public and powers suddenly uncovered in private. But a deleted scene from the Disney/Pixar sequel shows that there were more loose ends in need of tying up. Like, really in need.

Audiences now understand the depth of baby Jack-Jack’s superpowers thanks to his scene-stealing turn in Incredibles 2, but his woebegone babysitter Kari knew back in 2004 what terror Jack-Jack was capable of. In The Incredibles (and the 2005 short Jack-Jack Attack), the teenager barely survived her babysitting experience, and as this deleted scene from Incredibles 2 proves, she’s damn near traumatized by it.

Director Brad Bird calls this deleted scene his favorite (although it appears with a host of other near-favorites on the Incredibles 2 Blu-ray release out Nov. 6). Though the scene never made it past storyboard phase, the completely ordinary suburban scene does echo what Bird has long said about the story of the Parrs: It’s not just about a superpowered family; it’s about a family dealing with what superpowers inflict on their everyday life. And a babysitter’s angry parents are just as intimidating as any supervillain.

Watch the storyboarded scene above, and then please, somebody, start a Gofundme to send Kari to Mykonos or something.

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