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Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers in director John Carpenter’s original Halloween and cameos as the masked killer in the upcoming sequel (out Friday), recently told EW that he believes that secret to Myers’ success as a cinematic scare is indeed his iconic mask.

“It has a lot to do with that mask, of course,” said Castle. “You can’t give enough credit to Tommy Wallace, who was the production designer, John’s buddy from Kentucky, who came to film school with us too, pulling a William Shatner mask off the shelf and cutting some holes and painting it a little whiter. Suddenly, you put it on, and it’s magic. It is just so scary.”

Castle isn’t the only person involved with the new Halloween to believe the mask is the key to Myers’ terrifying rep, as a just-released behind-the-scenes clip shows.

“Michael Myers, with his mask, and his gas station attendant’s uniform is between a human being and a supernatural,” says Carpenter, who oversaw the soundtrack for the new movie, in the video.

“There’s something scary about someone committing those kind of violent acts with no emotion at all, and that’s what that mask does,” says Danny McBride, who cowrote the sequel with Jeff Fradley and the film’s director, David Gordon Green. “You project things that frighten you onto that mask.”

“The Michael Myers mask is so iconic, it was very important to be authentic and honorable to his original Halloween,” says Green himself. “[We decided] let’s not put our spin on it, let’s recreate the mask.”

Watch the full clip, above.

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