Jamie Lee Curtis-starring horror sequel is released, Oct. 19

In the new horror sequel Halloween (out Oct. 19) Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to hunt down Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode. But the masked killer attempts to murder a few other folks along the way, including Rhian Rees‘ Dana Haines, one half of a true-crime podcast team investigating Myers’ slayings of 40 years previously.

“Yeah, there’s a team of British podcasters that are studying for various reasons the crimes of 1978,” says Halloween director and co-writer David Gordon Green. “[They] are there to kind of learn more about the mindset of a madman and they accidentally end up stirring up the hornet’s nest, so to speak.”

“They’re kind of reopening the case 40 years later, and trying to find new truths and new facts, and explore it in a different way, and maybe brings some things to light,” says Andi Matichak, who plays Laurie Strode’s granddaughter, Allyson.

Halloween costars Judy Greer, Haluk Bilginer, Will Patton, Jefferson Hall, and Toby Huss, among others.

Exclusively watch a rather harrowing clip with Myers and Rhian Rees’ character, above.

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