The comedian stars alongside Ike Barinholtz in the pitch-black political satire

By Dana Schwartz
October 11, 2018 at 01:00 PM EDT

Under the best of circumstances, Thanksgiving can be stressful—Too much time with people who know how to get under your skin, hot kitchens, constant questions about whether you’re planning on having kids, and god forbid somebody bring up politics. In Ike Barinholtz’s directorial debut, The Oath, Thanksgiving transforms into The Hunger Games when the president declares every citizen must sign a loyalty oath, leading to Barinholtz’s Chris going head to head, first with Fox News-obsessed relatives, and then with a pair of government employees who show up to ask him a few questions about why he didn’t want to sign the oath.

In this exclusive clip, Haddish’s character Kai is freaking out after being tased (we mentioned things get crazy, right?). “The f— you think you are, Trevor Noah or something?” she yells when Chris tries to give his political take, to which he fires back, “I know I’m not Trevor Noah!”

One voice of relative reason in the room: Carrie Brownstein portraying Chris’s sister, a fellow liberal helping him navigate the conservative faction of their family — and also navigate the two government officials that they’ve accidentally kidnapped and tied up in their living room.

Watch the clip above and catch The Oath in theaters October 12.

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