By Clark Collis
October 06, 2018 at 01:58 PM EDT
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While Halloween franchise heroine Laurie Strode may be Jamie Lee Curtis‘ signature role, the actress has also appeared in a string of non-horror hits, including Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies, and the remake of Freaky Friday. But all of those projects were made years after the release of John Carpenter‘s original 1978 Halloween. Indeed, Curtis reveals that, following the release of Carpenter’s slasher classic, Hollywood casting agents weren’t exactly falling over themselves to cast the actress, despite the film’s huge success at the box office.

“The truth of the matter is, Halloween changed my life over the course of a period of time,” she says. “It did not change my life immediately. Honestly, I didn’t get any work after I finished Halloween. I didn’t do anything. The only work I got was a Charlie’s Angels episode where I’m  Cheryl Ladd’s best friend, and a pro-golfer, and we wrestle alligators in an episode, and an episode of Love Boat where my mother (Psycho actress Jane Leigh) plays my mother and I’m going on my honeymoon. It was because the movie was successful, and I wasn’t getting any work, John Carpenter wrote the part in The Fog for me. And then once I did The Fog, I was able to get a couple of other horror movies, Prom Night and Terror Train, [and] start to make a little money.”

Curtis is now playing the Michael Myers-battling Laurie Strode once again in David Gordon Green’s sequel, Halloween (out Oct. 19). Watch the trailer for that new movie, above.

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