Simon Kinberg also said he's 'sorry' for 'X-Men: The Last Stand'

Director Simon Kinberg has said that his Sophie Turner-starring X-Men movie Dark Phoenix (out June 7, 2019) was “very much inspired” by Thor: Ragnarok. Kinberg made the comment during Entertainment Weekly‘s Visionary panel at New York Comic-Con where he was joined onstage by fellow filmmakers Drew Goddard and Taika Waititi, the latter of whom directed Thor: Ragnarok.

The Dark Phoenix director also apologized for the third X-Men film, 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, and the way that film failed to properly foreground the plotline of Jean Grey/Phoenix, who was played in the movie by Famke Janssen.

“I’m sorry for X-Men 3,” said Kinberg, who co-wrote the earlier film. “We tried to tell the Dark Phoenix story and we didn’t do it properly. So, with this Dark Phoenix story there is no ‘cure’ plot, there is no other plot. It is the Dark Phoenix story, as told in comics, as told in the cartoons. Sophie is the center of the film, that’s why she’s the one person that’s in the teaser poster. The entire movie revolves around her. It’s a movie that goes into space and is cosmic, very much inspired actually by what [Taika] did with Thor — even though the tone is totally different — but just the ability to make a character movie that still feels grounded, and fun, but is in whole other universes. Jessica Chastain’s character plays an alien, and that’s all I can tell you about that. But, yeah, it’s the Dark Phoenix story and if you’ve read that comic I think you’re going to like the movie a lot.”

Watch the trailer for Dark Phoenix above.

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