By Derek Lawrence
October 05, 2018 at 12:40 PM EDT
Everett Colelction (2)

Will Smith is back making music. And, hopefully, that means he will soon be back making music for his movies.

After topping the charts with “Men in Black” and “Wild Wild West” and even scoring a hit with Men in Black II‘s “Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head),” the movie star/rapper stopped making big, catchy tracks for his blockbuster movies. Sixteen years post-MIIB, fans (including Macaulay Culkin) are still anticipating the next theme song, and while we wait to see if Aladdin is the return of the Willenium, it’s not too late for Smith to retroactively fill the Big Willie void.

Below, EW has a list of the theme songs that Smith could — and still should — have made for his memorable filmography. Welcome to his greatest unrecorded/unwritten/unknown to him hits.

Men in Black 3 — “Back in Black”

Ten years after the the second film, Smith was back in the world of Men in Black, but for whatever reason he wasn’t back in the world of Men in Black theme songs. And he had plenty of possible duet options since Nicole Sherzinger, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga all appeared in MIB 3. Perhaps the greatest tragedy was that Pitbull ended up recording the lead single “Back in Time.” There’s still time for Smith to fire up that time machine to go back, record “Back in Black,” and erase our memory of it never happening in the first place.

Hancock — “Superhero Time”

“Super, superhero, superhero time/Time to fly up and save lives.” The superhero spin of Smtih and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Grammy winning smash “Summertime” should have given Smith the O in his eventual EGOT. (The Emmy will come from the inevitable Fresh Prince reboot and the Tony from the necessary Broadway adaptation of Hitch).

Hitch — “Gettin’ Hitchy Wit It”

Speaking of, just imagine the dance moves that Kevin James would showcase in this video.

After Earth — “Just the Two of Us (Remix)”

Recorded before the birth of Jaden and Willow, Smith wrote the emotional “Just the Two of Us” for his oldest child, Trey. So it’s fitting that the disaster that is After Earth, which essentially features just Will and Jaden, would be the follow-up, and naturally also begin with a Smith son declaring, “Now dad, this is a very sensitive subject.”

Collateral Beauty — “Time, Love, Death”

In the 2016 film, Smith’s character is visited by three actors posing as the abstract concepts of Time, Love, and Death, played by Jacob Latimore, Kiera Knightley, and Helen Mirren. Featuring guest verses from the three stars, the depressing song does justice to the depressing movie.

Bad Boys — “Bad Boys”

How did he miss this easy layup?

Bad Boys II — “2 Bad 2 Boys”

2 Fast 2 Furious came out six weeks before the release of the Bad Boys sequel, so the title formula was fresh and just sitting there ready to be used.

Suicide Squad — “Skwad Goals”

We open with Smith’s ironically iconic line from the film, “So that’s it? What? We some kinda Suicide Squad?” before getting to the chorus from the one and only Taylor Swift, who definitely has a little Harley Quinn in her.

Concussion — “Tell the Truth!”

This track could have featured an array of A-listers who in verse are forced to admit some of their biggest secrets after Smith rap yells “Tell the Truth” at them just like he memorably did in Concussion. It is about time that Dr. Dre tells us if Tupac is really alive.

Enemy of the State — “Why Don’t More People Talk About This Movie?”

More people really need to talk about how good Enemy of the State is.

Bright — “Fairy Lives Don’t Matter”

On second thought, it’s probably for the best that this track based on the allegedly ad-libbed line from Smith didn’t make the cut, considering the race relations parallels in the poorly-received film were far from a home run.

Shark Tale — “This Is a Story All About How I Became a Shark”

Technically, Smith plays a fish and Jack Black plays the shark in the Oscar-nominated animated film, but let’s not get caught up in semantics, since this would be Smith’s greatest tale since he became the prince of a town called Bel-Air.

Seven Pounds — “The Sting”

This song PSA is about the dangers of jellyfish (and the dangers of a bad movie).

I, Robot — “Wild Wild Robots'”

Smith got tired of fighting aliens and Miami drug dealers, so he took the next logical step to robots, who his I, Robot character can’t stand despite the rest of the 2035 world accepting them, and predictably, they go bad. “Now who ya gonna call? Del Spooner, desperado, robot killer.”

Ali — “The G.O.A.T.”

“Met Ali, he told me I’m the greatest,” Smith rapped in “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” before he starred as Muhammad Ali. So this was meant to happen. Two G.O.A.T.S., one song.

I Am Legend — “Legendary Status”

Both titles really say it all.