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Everyone’s favorite slobbering symbiote is finally here. Venom hit theaters on Friday, introducing Tom Hardy as both the down-on-his-luck journalist Eddie Brock and the baritone alien parasite who inhabits his body.

As is customary for any superhero movie of the last decade, Venom has a scene that comes after the credits start to roll. In fact, it actually has two! Below, we break down both of them.

Spoilers follow, obviously.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

The first scene comes partway through the end credits: Eddie is back on his grind as a reporter, and he’s been invited to do an interview at San Quentin prison. There, he comes face-to-face with the convicted serial killer Cletus Kasady — played by Woody Harrelson in a curly red wig.

It’s immediately clear that not only does Cletus have bad hair, but he’s unequivocally unhinged. (He’s written “Welcome Eddie” on the walls of his cell in blood.) “When I get out of here — and I will — there’s gonna be carnage,” Harrelson snarls.

That, of course, is a not-so-subtle reference to Carnage, one of Venom’s most notorious comic book foes. In the comics, Kasady is a serial killer and psychopath who, like Eddie Brock, bonds with a symbiote to become Carnage. And if Venom is an antihero, Carnage is a straight-up supervillain, a bright-red, slobbery killer who racks up one hell of a body count. Venom was created to be the dark version of Spider-Man, and Carnage is the dark version of Venom: a murderer with no moral compass.

Even though the reviews for Venom have been, well not great, the end-credits scene is a clear setup for a sequel. And depending on how things shake out at the box office, there’s a very good chance we haven’t seen the last of Eddie Brock — or Cletus Kasady.

Credit: Sony Pictures Animation

The second scene happens at the very, very end of the credits — and it really doesn’t have anything to do with Venom at all. Instead, it’s an extended teaser for Sony’s other upcoming movie in the Spider-Man world: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s animated adventure is set in an alternate universe, where Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson) is dead, and the Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore) has taken up the Spider-Man mantle.

The teaser finds Miles visiting Peter’s grave — only for a very-much-alive Peter to suddenly walk up behind him. Miles is so shocked that he accidentally knocks Peter unconscious, and when the cops show up, Miles takes off running, dragging Peter’s limp body behind him. A frenetic, colorful chase ensues, as the pair of Spider-Men swing through New York City, and it’s a delightful teaser of what’s to come when Spider-Verse hits theaters on Dec. 14.

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