By A. Cydney Hayes
October 05, 2018 at 06:00 PM EDT

“On these streets, all you had was the guy next to you. And the guy next to you wants to take you straight to hell,” says singer, rapper, and now leading man Trey Songz in the trailer for the new crime drama Blood Brother, which hits theaters and VOD on Nov. 30.

Songz stars as Sonny, a compassionate cop whose childhood friend Jake, played by Jack Kesy (Baywatch, Deadpool 2), is out to take revenge on those he believes betrayed him after a crime they committed together went south. The narrative follows the pair after an angry and violent Jake is released from prison after serving 15 years. Sonny tries to protect his friends and family, while grappling with the close relationship that he once had with Jake.


The trailer, which EW exclusively reveals above, features a new single from Songz, “How Dat Sound,” featuring rappers 2 Chainz and Yo Gotti. Songz released his last album, Tremaine The Album, in March 2017, and he says in the meantime he’s been recording new tracks, some of which audiences might hear in the score.

“I have a lot of music that I want to share, so along with the music that’s coming with the release of the trailer, I’ve been working on an album that’ll be coming out soon,” he tells EW.

Blood Brother marks Songz’s first starring role, but fans have seen him on screen before. In 2013, the “Say Aah” singer had minor roles in Texas Chainsaw 3D and Baggage Claim. On set in New Orleans, Songz wasn’t the only musician in the cast to step in front of the camera: Rapper Fetty Wap will make his big screen debut in Blood Brother as Emilio, a “nemesis of sorts” to Songz’s character.

“He had a great time on set, and I think he did a great job,” said Songz. “I’ve known Fetty since the beginning of his career, so it was cool to have him on set.”

While Fetty’s involvement was initially director John Pogue’s idea, Songz says he and the “Trap Queen” rapper were already in the early stages of collaborating, and the opportunity to work together on Blood Brother came at the perfect time. While this partnership is on screen rather than in the studio, Songz says new music from the two artists is still very much a possibility.

“It’s something we’d love to do,” said Songz of a potential collaboration with Fetty Wap. “We’re still in the works with that.”

China Anne McClain (Grown Ups 2), Hassan Johnson (The Wire), and Tanee McCall (Burlesque) round out the cast. While Songz says his main focus will always be music, he thinks fans are likely more of him on screen in the future.