Horror icon Michael Myers has spent a good portion of the Halloween franchise hunting down Jamie Lee Curtis‘ Laurie Strode. But during the shoot for the upcoming sequel, which is also called Halloween and is released Oct. 19, the Myers-playing James Jude Courtney made the decision to avoid Curtis as much as possible between takes.

“We don’t interact,” Courtney said, when EW visited the Charleston set of the movie last February. “And I get it. I’ve seen her stand off-ish with me and so I chose to step away, because of the nature of what we’re doing. They let me know that when she gets in in the morning, and she gets the wig on, she’s in character, and she’s in character all day long. That’s her method and so it makes perfect sense to me that she doesn’t really want anything to do with me. She’s gracious and kind on set, and everybody loves her to death, but I don’t anticipate she and I having a conversation ’til this is done. I just want her to have her space because, man, what we’re doing, it’s intense stuff. And for her to be in the place that she’s in — I’m the predator, she’s got a massive range of emotions to deal with and a whole history. I really love watching her work. But I watch her at a distance or I watch her on monitors. I try not to get too close to her.”

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