Hellboy (2019 movie)

Ever since he was first brought to Earth, all Hellboy has wanted to do is drink, hang out with his friends, and save people from monsters. Unfortunately for comic creator Mike Mignola’s demonic superhero, he was created for a much darker purpose: Ending the world. Hellboy is the prophesied Beast of the Apocalypse, whose massive Right Hand of Doom is meant to unlock the prison of a primordial demon dragon and usher in the end times. Hellboy has spent his life rebelling against this dark destiny, most noticeably by shaving his demon horns into round forehead stumps. But sometimes, he’s forced to let his demon side out a little bit.

Credit: Simon Varsano/Summit

That’s where we find Hellboy on the new poster for his upcoming Lionsgate film, which EW can exclusively reveal here. The horns are fully grown again, and Hellboy looks ready to unleash Hell on his foes. Directed by Neil Marshall, the new Hellboy film will star David Harbour (Stranger Things) as the big red monster hunter. The film is set to portray Hellboy’s battle against an ancient sorceress who wants revenge against humankind, so beating her might require a little more demon power than normal. Speaking to EW this March, Mignola said the film is very faithful to a particular three-part story arc he did with artist Duncan Fegredo.

More information on the new Hellboy will be revealed at the film’s official New York Comic Con panel this Saturday. Set for 11 a.m. ET on the Javits Center’s main stage, the panel will feature Harbour, Ian McShane (playing Hellboy’s adoptive human father Professor Bruttenholm), Daniel Dae Kim (playing the undead Marine captain Ben Daimio), Sasha Lane (playing Alice Monaghan, a human woman Hellboy once saved from fairies), and Mignola. The panel will be moderated by EW’s very own Clark Collis.

Hellboy is set to hit theaters in April 12, 2019. Check out the new poster below.

Credit: Summit Entertainment
Hellboy (2019 movie)
David Harbour and Neil Marshall's reboot is more like 'Hellbro.'
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