By Nick Romano
September 29, 2018 at 03:12 PM EDT

The Step Brothers grew up and became Victorian England’s most acclaimed detective duo. Although, based on the first Holmes and Watson trailer, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s take on the legendary literary sleuths still keeps the Step Brothers comedic stylings alive.

This isn’t like the pairing of Reilly with Steve Coogan in the Laurel and Hardy biopic.

Witness the first use of the phrase “no s—, Sherlock” and the birth of the selfie stick as Sherlock Holmes (Ferrell) and Dr. John Watson (Reilly) try to solve a murder mystery in Buckingham Palace in four days, otherwise James Moriarty (Ralph Fiennes) will kill the Queen of England.

As two of the biggest Queen of England stans, Holmes and Watson can’t stand for such things.

Etan Cohen, the director of Ferrell’s Get Hard and one of the screenwriters on Tropic Thunder, helms Holmes and Watson. Rebecca Hall also makes an appearance as something that the gents can’t wrap their minds around: a woman physician, Dr. Grace Hart. A female medical professional that doesn’t offer heroin as a handout to patients? It’s unheard of!

The film opens in theaters this Christmas.