The films of legendary director David Cronenberg are currently being celebrated at the Los Angeles genre festival Beyond Fest. But will there ever be another new film to celebrate from the man who brought us Rabid, Scanners, Videodrome, the 1986 remake of The Fly, and the Viggo Mortensen-starring Eastern Promises? Maybe not.

Speaking with EW earlier this week, the 75-year-old revealed that he might not “necessarily” direct another movie and that his creative future could lie with novel-writing and the small screen.

“I’ve written one novel (2014’s Consumed) and I really quite enjoyed that,” said the Canadian director. “I think that there are things you can do in the novel that you cannot do on a movie. I just came back from the Venice film festival, and I was on a panel with Spike Lee and some others, talking about the future of cinema. There was a lot of discussion about Netflix, and streaming series, and so on, and I was saying that I thought that was the future of cinema, and that it was really an interesting idea, the idea of doing a TV series, a streaming series. Whether I end up doing something like that is a whole other thing. Obviously, it would be a huge commitment of time and so on. To do eight hours of TV is a lot. [But] once again, the idea of a series as being more novelistic than a movie. When you compare the two, a movie is really more like a short story than a novel, and the complexity that you can get into in a series is really quite interesting.”

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