In post-apocalyptic film, a virus has wiped out most of humanity


In the just-released, post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller Domain, a deadly disease has forced what remains of humanity to wait alone in self-sustaining bunkers while the viral threat runs its course. Able to communicate through a networked video interface, the survivors wait for years and slowly become a motley family of sorts. But their fragile social ecosystem is shattered when, one by one, they start mysteriously disappearing from their bunkers.

Domain is written and directed by Nathaniel Atcherson and stars Britt Lower, Ryan Merriman, Sonja Sohn, Beth Grant, William Gregory Lee, Kevin Sizemore, Nick Gomez, and Cedric Sanders.

See the film’s trailer below and an exclusive, expletive-featuring clip, above.

Domain has just been released theatrically and will be available to watch Oct. 2 on DVD and VOD.