By Dana Schwartz
September 27, 2018 at 12:30 PM EDT

Going to college is stressful — and that’s without having an id-driven stranger riding with you across the country.

In The Long Dumb Road, Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel) stars as Nathan, a well-behaved teen driving across the American Southwest in order to get to L.A. for his freshman year of college. Along the way, he’s joined by Jason Mantzoukas as Richard, an impulsive, free-spirited mechanic who forces himself along on the journey.


“The movie is a classic road-trip movie,” Mantzoukas tells EW. “I’m a drifter, kind of chaotic character that enters his life and upsets the rest of his drive. This guy comes along, fixes his car, asks for a ride down the road, and then is there with him for the next week of his life just destroying everything in his path. An agent of chaos, I think.”

The Long Dumb Road was directed by Hannah Fidell, who also wrote the script with Carson D. Mell. The film — which also features Taissa Farmiga, Casey Wilson, Grace Gummer, and Ron Livingston — premiered at Sundance and will be released on Nov. 9.