Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton have known each other for years, having famously worked together on 1984’s The Terminator and the ensuing sequels. As Hamilton celebrated her 62nd birthday on Wednesday, her movie costar commemorated this long-lasting friendship with a reunion photo on the set of the next Terminator chapter — 34 years after the release of the first film.

“Happy birthday to my dear friend Linda Hamilton,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “One of my favorite co-stars, a true badass, and a wonderful human being. I’m pumped to be back together again.”

Hamilton’s performance helped redefine female characters in the sci-fi space with Sarah Connor, a woman initially targeted for assassination by Skynet’s T-800 android (Schwarzenegger) as she was fated to give birth to John Connor, humanity’s hope for survival against the impending robot apocalypse. The Sarah-Terminator relationship changed in the 1991 sequel, wherein the T-800 traveled back in time to protect Sarah and her teen son.

She and Schwarzenegger now return for the new Terminator, which acts as another reboot of sorts for the franchise. This is probably for the best, considering all the things critics and fans had to say about the last film — its unique spelling of Genisys notwithstanding.

Hamilton’s Sarah was seen decked out in full militarized regalia in a first-look photo of the franchise’s new lead, Mackenzie Davis’ android-looking Grace, and fellow costar Natalia Reyes as Dani Ramos.

Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta also star in the film, which is directed by Deadpool‘s Tim Miller and based off a script by David Goyer. James Cameron, the father of this franchise, will also produce with David Ellison.

Hamilton and Schwarzenegger’s reunion will be seen on-screen Nov. 22, 2019.

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