By Maureen Lee Lenker
September 24, 2018 at 01:19 PM EDT

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Jane Lynch brought her particular brand of off-the-wall, intense characters to The 40-Year-Old Virgin and her inventiveness extended to one of her most famous scenes in the 2005 movie, in which she serenades Steve Carell with a Spanish love song.

While joining PeopleTV for some Couch Surfing, Lynch reveals the song was her idea, and it was something she came up with while sitting around on set as director Judd Apatow called the entire cast to set each day and would throw them into scenes to improvise. “The Guatemalan love song was my idea,” she says. “I was sitting on the bench one day and it came to me.”

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Lynch reveals the song is not actually anything remotely romantic. “It’s actually dialogue from a level 2 Spanish class in high school,” she admits. “It’s not a romantic song at all. It’s about a kid who won’t clean his room and leaves the house in haste.” The dialogue continues between a mother and son until he says he is leaving to go to a football (soccer) game.

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Lynch also reveals she booked the job thanks to Steve Carell and their days performing in Second City together. “We were there at the same time and we crossed paths onstage a couple of times,” she explains. “We were in different touring companies.” Carell’s wife urged Apatow to add a female comedian to the predominantly male cast and suggested he audition Lynch.

“We auditioned together and in the audition, we came up with the offer to deflower him. So that came out of our improvisation in the audition,” she reveals.

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